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Japan Table Tennis Weekly Highlights August-5-2019 - 這週日本的兵乓球

Photo: BESSHO Mikie, the runner-up in class 5/ By ittfworld

2019 ITTF Japan Para open was held from August 1st to 3rd, with a total of 4 titles, men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s team events, and women’s team events.

It was the first time that the Para-Table Tennis world tournament had been held in Japan, and it became a preliminary match for the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020. In the home country, 14 Japanese players were awarded, and although there was no pair to win the team event’s title, many of the pairs made it to the top.

Men’s results:

Photo: The champion in class 10 is KAKITA Nariaki (The third person from left)./ By ittfworld

In the men’s singles, KAKITA Nariaki won the title with his powerful forehand topspin in class 10. Even though he ended up at the top 8 in the ITTF Asian Para Championships, he was encouraged by Japanese cheers and made or an act of sweet revenge in the finals against the player who defeated KAKITA in the preliminary round. It is the first time in 7 years that he has won an international event. In class 9, IWABUCHI Koyo did his best and took 3rd place. In class 4, where players in wheelchairs participate, a high school student SAITO Genki took 3rd place.

KAKITA and IWABUCHI teamed up to compete in a team event, and they won second place in class 10. SAITO, who finished at the 3rd place in the men’s singles class 4, also won the 2nd place in the team event, showing great potential. Although there was no team to win the men’s team title, they showed their ability to perform well in both singles and team competitions.

Women’s results:

Photo: Great performance in class 11, FURUKAWA Kanami (The 4th person from left.) and ITO Maki (The 5th person from left)/ By ittfworld

In the women’s singles, TOMONO Yuri won the title in class 8. HIROKANE Megumi was defeated by TOMONO and won the 3rd prize. In class 5, BESSHO Kimie, who was 71 years old, defeated many strong opponents and became the runner-up.

In class 11, FURUKAWA Kanami and ITO Maki who participated in the Rio Paralympics took 3rd place and won the podium. Although they failed to win the gold medal, both players accomplished a feat that beat the Rio Paralympic gold medalist Kosmina (Ukraine).

FURUKAWA and ITO, who are in 3rd place in singles, are also in 3rd and 2nd place in team events respectively and they are expected to play well in the future.

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