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Japan Table Tennis Weekly Highlights September-30-2019 - 這週日本的兵乓球

Photo: AKAE Kaho, who has achieved 4 crowns/ By ittfworld

2019 ITTF Junior Circuit Premium, Chinese Taipei Junior Cadet Open was held from September 25th to 29th, with 12 titles, including junior team events, junior singles, junior doubles, cadet team events, cadet singles, and cadet doubles for men’s and women’s respectively.

Totally, Japan won 6 gold medals and 2 silver medals out of 12 titles. Especially, in 6 women’s events, AKAE Kaho earned 4 gold medals showing her outstanding strength.

Men’s team results:

Photo: MATSUSHIMA Sora/ By ittfworld

The junior men’s title was won by Chinese Taipei A and the runner-up was Chinese Taipei B.

Japan A with HAMADA Kazuki, MATSUSHIMA Sora, and SUZUKI Hayate lost against Chinese Taipei by 3-0 in the semi-finals and became top 4.

In the cadet’s events, Korea A got the title. And Chinese Taipei D won 2nd place by defeating Hong Kong A.

Men’s singles results:

Photo: Men’s junior singles 2nd place finisher, YOSHIYAMA Ryoichi/ By ittfworld

The title of the junior singles went to Chinese Taipei’s TAI Ming-Wei. TAI Ming-Wei appealed his ability by defeating Japanese SUZUKI Hayate, KAYAMA Yu, and YOSHIYAMA Ryoichi. The runner-up was YOSHIYAMA Ryoichi, who had won the national junior high school table tennis championships.

KAYAMA Yu and HAMADA Kazuki, who belongs to Japanese strongest high school, was defeated by TAI Ming-Wei and YOSHIYAMA Ryoichi respectively.

In this tournament, 12 years-old MATSUSHIMA Sora took part in the junior division. He advanced to the main round and surprisingly won the first round. However, he was defeated by a Korean player in the following round and finished in the round of 32.

In the cadet singles, on the other hand, the title was won by Chinese Taipei’s KAO Cheng-Jui. SUZUKI Hayate, who had played even games against junior champion TAI Ming-Wei, won the 2nd place.

YOSHIYAMA Ryoichi, who came in 2nd in the junior singles, lost to the Korean player in round of 16 ended up at top 16.

Men’s doubles results:

Photo: KAYAMA Yu (left) and YOSHIYAMA Ryoichi (right)/ By ittfworld

In the junior doubles, KAYAMA Yu and YOSHIYAMA Ryoichi secured the title by winning all 3-0 straight matches. Korean pair, HWANG Jinha and WOO Hyeonggyu, ranked in the 2nd.

HAMADA Kazuki and SUZUKI Hayate won the medal in the quarterfinals by beating the Singapore pair in the thrilling full game deuce. Even though they lost against HWANG Jinha and WOO Hyeonggyu in the semi-finals, they won a valuable bronze medal.

On the other hand, in the Cadet doubles, 3 Japanese pairs entered, but 2 of them lost in the 1st round, and 1 of them lost in the following round.

Women’s team results:

Photo: AKAE Kaho contributed to the victory by winning all matches/ By ittfworld

Women’s Japan A with ASO Reina, HIGASHIKAWA Hina, AKAE Kaho, and YUMOTO Fuwa won the women’s junior team events. After winning all 3 preliminaries, they advanced the semifinals. Then they beat Hong Kong in the semifinals and Chinese Taipei A in the finals in a row

As for the cadet team, which was formed by HARIMOTO Miwa and AOKI Sachi, won the championship by beating 2 Chinese Taipei teams in a row.

Women’s singles results:

Photo: HARIMOTO Miwa/ By ittfworld

The winner of the junior singles was AKAE Kaho, and the runner-up was Chinese Taipei’s YU Hsiu-Ting. In the round of 16, AKAE Kaho beat HUNG Ke-Shan, who had defeated HARIMOTO Miwa. AKAE continued to win, and decided her title by losing only 2 games.

AKAE Kaho took the cadet singles title as well, and SER Lin Qian got the 2nd place. In the quarterfinals, AKAE Kaho faced with HARIMOTO Miwa. AKAE won against HARIMOTO twice and lost one time in the international tournament. This time, AKAE won the battle after a fierce full-game battle.

Women’s doubles results:

Photo: HARIMOTO Miwa (forward) and AOKI Sachi (backward)/ By ittfworld

Chinese Taipei’s CHIEN Tung-Chuan and YU Hsiu-Ting took down CAI Fong-En and HSU Yi-Chen, and won the junior doubles title.

AKAE Kaho, who won two singles titles, teamed up with HUANG Min-Yu. They won the round of 16, but lost against CHEN Ci-Xuan and CHEN Tzu-Ting in the quarter-finals.

AOKI Sachi and HARIMOTO Miwa, who also advanced to the quarter-finals, lost the close full-game to runner-up CAI Fong-En and HSU Yi-Chen, and narrowly failed to win a medal.

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