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Japan Table Tennis Weekly Highlights September-23-2019 - 這週日本的兵乓球

Photo: Japanese women’s team/ By ittfworld

2019 ITTF-ATTU Asian Table Tennis Championships was held from September 15th to 22nd, with 7 titles, including men’s and women’s team events, men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mix doubles. China showed incredible strength by winning all 7 titles.

Japanese women’s team became the runner-up, and HARIMOTO Tomokazu got the bronze medal in men’s singles. Totally, Japan won 1 silver medal and 4 bronze medals.

Men’s team results:

Photo: Japanese men’s team got the 3rd place./ By ittfworld

Without losing even 1 match, the men’s team event’s title was won by China, which increased its consecutive victories to 11. Korea won the 2nd place. JEOUNG Youngsik faced with FAN Zhendong, who lost against JEOUNG Youngsik in the Korea Open. It was the re-match of Korea Open, but this time FAN Zhendong defeat JEOUNG Youngsik in the straight game.

The Japanese men’s team won their first match against India, which has been improving. Then Japan lost against China in the semifinals, finishing 3rd place with a bronze medal.

Men’s singles results:

Photo: XU Xin/ By ittfworld

XU Xin took down his teammate to crown the men’s singles title. And LIN Gaoyuan took the 2nd place.

In the semi-finals, FAN Zhendong, who is the currently in his 2nd consecutive singles title, was taken down by LIN Gaoyuan. FAN Zhendong had a good record of 5 wins and 1 loss against LIN Gaoyuan, so it was a big surprise. FAN Zhendong lost his way to the 3rd consecutive singles title.

HARIMOTO Tomokazu was the only singles medalist of all Japanese players. Until the semifinals, he showed excellent stability by winning all games 3-0 straight.

YOSHIMURA Maharu and JIN Takuya, who were both in team events, lost against XU Xin and LEE Sangsu respectively. And thus they ended up at top 16.

Men’s doubles results:

Photo: TOGAMI Shunsuke(forward) and YOSHIMURA Maharu(backward)/ By ittfworld

The doubles title was secured by LIANG Jingkun and LIN Gaoyuan, who was the 3rd-place finisher in the world championship. They beat 2017 World Championship champions Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin to crown the title.

Japan’s YOSHIMURA Maharu and TOGAMI Shunsuke beat the Hong Kong’s ace doubles WONG Chun Ting and HO Kwan Kit and secured medal. In the following semi-finals, they met with FAN Zhendong and XU Xin. Even though the Japanese pair took 1st and 2nd game, Chinese pair showed a big comeback. The Japanese pair ended up at 3rd place.

UDA Yukiya and YOSHIMURA Kazuhiro, the runner-up in the Bulgarian Open, were defeated by LAM Siu Hang and NG Pak Nam in the 3rd round and did not advance to the top.

Women’s team results:

Photo: China has achieved 7 consecutive victories./ By ittfworld

The champion was China, and China has achieved 7th consecutive victory. Japan got the 2nd place. In the finals, Japanese players also played well, but they could not defeat only 1 player. SATO Hitomi played on the big stage, but showed her ability through stable play.

Women’s singles results:

Photo: SUN Yingsha/ By ittfworld

A 18 years young star, SUN Yingsha got the women’s singles title. And world championship’s gold medalist LIU Shiwen became the runner-up.

3 out of 5 Japanese players advanced to the quarter-finals.

The defending champion, HIRANO Miu, defeated 3 Chinese players in a row in the last competition. This time she lost against DING Ning in the quarter-finals and failed to keep her title.

ISHIKAWA Kasumi played against runner-up LIU Shiwen and lost with no chance.

KATO Miyu faced with CHEN Meng in the quarter-finals. It was the re-match of T2 Diamond held in July. This time CHEN Meng took down KATO Miyu and made revenge.

Women’s doubles results:

Photo: ISHIKAWA Kasumi(left) and HIRANO Miu(right)/ By ittfworld

DING Ning and ZHU Yuling became the women’s doubles champion. CHEN Meng and WANG Manyu finished at 2nd place.

From Japan, HIRANO Miu/ISHIKAWA Kasumi and SHIBATA Saki/SATO Hitomi entered the tournament. Both pairs advanced to the semi-finals and fought against Chinese pairs.

HIRANO/ISHIKAWA played against CHEN Meng/WANG Manyu. Japanese pair took the 1st game, but was turned the game by Chinese pair. However, they showed a positive attitude, saying, “We could find the strength and the weakpoints” and won the bronze medal.

Mix doubles results:

Photo: XU Xin (left) and LIU Shiwen (right)

The winner was XU Xin/LIU Shiwen, the world champion, and the runner-up was WANG Chuqin/SUN Yingsha, the champion of the 2018 Youth Olympics.As a result, XU Xin won 3 awards and LIU Shiwen 2 awards.

From Japan, TOGAMI Shunsuke/SHIBATA Saki and UDA Yukiya/KATO Miyu took part in the competition.

TOGAMI/SHIBATA managed to win the first round. However, they were defeated in the straight game by Korea’s LEE Sangsu and JEON Jihee.

UDA/KATO roughly won the matches from first round. However, they lost against Australian Open’s champion, WONG Chun Ting/DOO Hoi Kem. Finally, both pairs couldn’t secured the medal.

Rallys Editiorial

17915 pt
17260 pt
馬龍 (中国)
15525 pt
13245 pt
9570 pt
9045 pt
陳夢 (中国)
17915 pt
15440 pt
孫穎莎 (中国)
15165 pt
15440 pt
11100 pt
10815 pt