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July-1-2019 Weekly Highlights -Japan Table Tennis 這週日本的兵乓球

Photo:MaLong(China, left) and LIU Shiwen(China, rught) in China open/By ittfworld

A total of 32 male and female players who will participate in the 1st T2 Diamond Tournament, which will be held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia from July 18 to 21st, have been officially announced.

Three rounds of T2 Diamond will be held in the months of July to December. The tournament will be held under its own rules, and the points earned by each player based on their performance will be added to the 8 highest-performing tournaments in the world rankings. Therefore, for Japanese players who qualify for the Tokyo Olympics will be based on their world rankings, achieving good records in this tournament.

In the men’s matches, talented players such as South American genius Hugo Carderano (Brazil), runner-up of world championship, FALCK Mattias (Sweden), and LIN Yun-Ju (Chinese Taipei) , the huge rival for Harimoto Tomokazu (Japan), who was successful in Japan open will take part in the tournament.

On the other hand, players participate in T2 Diamond vary in countries and careers.European players such as SZOCS Bernadette (Roumania) and POLCANOVA Sofia (Austria), Asian veteran players such as ISHIKAWA Kasumi (Japan), CHENG I-Ching (Chinese Taipei), and FENG Tianwei (Singapore) will also join in.

Chinese Wang Chuqin and DING Ning, who also participated in the 2017 T2APAC, as well as World Champions MA Long and Liu Shiwen will play in the tournament. XU Xin and SUN Yingsha, the winners of the Japan Open, also participated in the competition, and it will be a very high-level game from the first game.

3 men players, HARIMOTO Tomokazu, MIZUTANI Jun, and NIWA Koki join in the competition, while the 4 women players, ITO Mima, Hirano Miu, ISHIKAWA Kasumi, and KATO Miyu join. Who will be the lucky winners of a high-level games and win the first title? Don’t miss it!

Men’s players:

Photo: German players who take part in T2 Diamond. From left to right: FRANZISKA Patrick, OVTCHAROV Dimitrij, BOLL Timo /By ittfworld

MA Long (China)
LIN Gaoyuan (China)
XU Xin (China)
HARIMOTO Tomokazu (Japan)
FALCK Mattias (Sweden)
LIANG Jingkun (China)
FAN Zhendong (China)
MIZUTANI Jun (Japan)
WONG Chun Ting (HongKong)
LIN Yun-Ju (Chinese Taipei)
WANG Chuqin (China)
FRANZISKA Patrick (Germany)
CALDERANO Hugo (Brazil)
NIWA Koki (Japan)
OVTCHAROV Dimitrij (Germany)
BOLL Timo (Germany)

Women’s players:

Photo: How far can Japanese players HIRANO Miu (left) and ISHIKAWA Kasumi (right) reach? /By ittfworld

WANG Manyu (China)
CHEN Meng (China)
LIU Shiwen (China)
ZHU Yuling (China)
DING Ning (China)
ITO Mima (Japan)
SUN Yingsha (China)
FENG Tianwei (Singapore)
CHENG I-Ching (Chinese Taipei)
HIRANO Miu (Japan)
CHEN Szu-Yu (Chinese Taipei)
DOO Hoi Kem (HongKong)
POLCANOVA Sofia (Austria)
ISHIKAWA Kasumi (Japan)
KATO Miyu (Japan)
SZOCS Bernadette (Roumania)

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