Japan Table Tennis Weekly Highlights September-16-2019 - 這週日本的兵乓球 | 卓球専門WEBメディア「Rallys(ラリーズ)」

Japan Table Tennis Weekly Highlights September-16-2019 - 這週日本的兵乓球

Photo: HAYATA Hina at Korea Open/ By ittfworld

2019 ITTF Challenge Plus, Paraguay Open was held from September 10th to 14th, with 7 titles, including men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, mix doubles, and men’s and women’s U21 singles.

Among these 7 events, except for the mixed doubles and the U 21 men’s singles, Japanese players got 5 titles, indicating Japan’s presence in Paraguay.

Men’s results:

Photo: MORIZONO Masataka at Qatar Open/ By ittfworld

In men’s singles, MORIZONO Masataka in the straight 4 games beat GARDOS Robert in the finals and won the title. MORIZONO also won the men’s doubles title with PISTEJ Lubomir achieving double-crowned.

Surprisingly, NIWA Koki lost against ZHANG Kai in first round of the tournament.

Women’s results:

Photo: HASHIMOTO Honoka at Korea Open/ By ittfworld

In the women’s singles, HAYATA Hina defeat HASHIMOTO Honoka, HAYATA’s teammate, in the finals. This marked HAYATA’s 4th title in the 2019 ITTF Challenge Series.

The runner-up, HASHIMOTO Honoka, showed outstanding stability. She won all matches by 4-0 including defeating her colleague SHIOMI Maki.

In the women’s doubles, HASHIMOTO Honoka and SHIOMI Maki, who were the first seed, safely secured the women’s doubles title. They successfully made it even though it was their first time to take part in a World Tour.

SHIOMI Maki also got 1st place in the women’s U21 singles, thus won 2 titles in this World Tour.

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